Thursday, January 27, 2011

Personal Values

I love when people are able to match their personal values to their work.  It is easy to look at a list of values and say they are all very important to you, it is much harder to pick your top five.  Then look at the top five and look at the way you spend the hours in your week.  Do you allocate time to the most important things or are you waiting for that illusive "someday" to be able to devote your time to what you love.  If your current job doesn't fit 100% within your core values look around you - what can you do within your job to feed your values.  Aligning your daily tasks with your values is a halfway step that can often bring you more satisfaction in your job and often leads to innovate ideas and improvements.

Pick one thing that is important to you and find a way to increase the time you spend on it next week.  How does it make you feel?  Can you permanently incorporate the change?