Friday, January 14, 2011

Be a Problem Solver

Today I observed someone's approach to a problem and noticed their first instinct was to find someone to blame.  From an outside perspective it seemed obvious that the most important thing that was needed was a solution and that nobody really cared who was responsible for the problem.  To make matters worse, the person actually created more of a hassle for everyone involved by acting defensive.  It made me wonder, why did they think it was so important to assign blame and why were they so blind to the very obvious and very simple solutions to the problem?  Some people seem to just instinctively jump into problem solving mode.  Are there times when that is not the best route?   Are there times when even those people are emotionally involved that they miss the opportunity and go for the easy blame?  Are there ways we can practice this skill so in times of stress we instinctively problem solve?