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A Day in the Cara C. Putman

Cara Putman is an author of fourteen novels and one nonfiction work -- plus all the characters and stories still begging to be told. Look for more in the future. She is also a licensed attorney, contract lecturer at a Big Ten University, adjunct faculty at a community college, and active in her church and community. She lives with her family in Indiana.

Maybe it's OK for Married Moms to Feel Like Single Parents by Jessica AshleyJessica Ashley.  That's me. I'm a single mama in the city who is an editor, writer and social media host. I wear inappropriately high heels to the playground and know too much about light sabers.

Will You Look Back on This and Laugh?  by Lisa Friedt

This blog tell the story of my journey.  Throughout this blog I will share with you how I committed to living my purpose!  How I learned to cash in on my passion.  How I stepped out of my own way...and turned my dream into a reality.