Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Marketing

Today we spent a pleasant and relaxing day cleaning, cooking, and watching tv.  As a joke I stopped it on Dogs 101 because our dog gets so excited when it was on.  Of course, I didn't then have the heart to switch the channel on him.  Now we have an adorable, 6 year-old dog who was born on my boyfriend's farm.  We know that our dog's father was a rather large chihuahua and his mother was an Australian Shepard.  We make lots of jokes about his parentage, but usually just call him a mixed breed.  In DC, you sometimes need to say that with an apologetic tone as there are many pure breeds in the area.  Today's Dogs 101 was on designer breeds, the new IT dogs like labradoodles, puggles, chiweenies to name a few.  Each designer breed starts from mixing a pure breed parent of each type.  Wait, isn't that a mixed breed????  After much laughter around our house, we have decided to proudly announce our dog's breed as Chaussie.  And it just made me think, isn't it all about good marketing?  So next time you find yourself explaining a less-than-heroic job on your resume during an interview, remember my adorable Chaussie.  Don't lie or misrepresent your qualifications, just point out the unique combination of skills it allows you to bring to the new position.