Monday, July 15, 2013


There will never be a perfect time, sometimes you just have to make a move. 

For what?  Honestly, it doesn't matter. We are constantly saying I will do that when I have more money, I will apply for that job when I have more experience, I will volunteer when I have more time, etc. 

There will never be a perfect time. 

If you spend your life waiting for "when" you will miss some amazing opportunities. 

Does that mean you should take a fantasy vacation on your credit cards or apply for an executive chef position if you have never even been able to make toast?  Of course not. 

It means you need to break your big goal down into small goals and make one move today that will get you closer.  Start  putting $25 a paycheck in a savings account for that vacation. Pick a new recipe to try for dinner. Read a book, a magazine, or a blog in an area that interests you. Research volunteer opportunities you can do with your child or in the time you have after your child goes to sleep. Walk around the block after lunch or dinner. Just one move to get just one step closer. 

What will you do today instead of waiting?