Saturday, July 27, 2013

If at First You Don't Succeed

Goals should be things that are a stretch.  They should be things that aren't easy to achieve.  If you are truly setting goals (and not benchmarks) you will sometimes fail to hit the mark.  Take, for example, the 31-Day Blog Challenge I participated in this month.  Add in the most teaching and program days at work I have had in a while, designing a new program that has to be presented to and approved by my equivalent of the C-Suite, getting a cold from constantly going back and forth between 107 degree F heat index and 70 degree F air conditioning, and top it off with my first trip to the ER with my 21 month old son because of a fall (official diagnosis and treatment: a small bruise and a popsicle).  Needless to say, I have failed my 31-Day Blog Challenge.  And I failed it in front of all of you.

So, we are making this a teaching moment on goal setting and resilience.  I will continue blogging through the end of the month AND I will redo the challenge on my own in August.  It is still a huge stretch for me but the amount of things I have learned this month have better equipped me to meet the challenge.

What was the last goal you failed to achieve (publicly or privately)?  Will you join me in trying again with your new wisdom behind you?  Let's do it!