Thursday, July 11, 2013


How can one small word strike fear in the hearts of many.  I applied for a independent contractor position teaching yesterday and received an e-mailed rejection today.  At first that little gremlin that lives in my head said "See, I told you so!"

But seriously, it is just an e-mail.  From someone who probably knows nothing about me because 10,000 other people probably applied for the same one job.  (Shhh, that is the story I am telling myself tonight.)

Mia Hamm said "Failure happens all the time.  It happens every day in practice.  What makes you better is how you react to it."

So once I got through the disappointment and the rationalization, I realized how quickly they both passed.  Why, because then I got to the point where I realized I had put myself out there for something I was interested in and now had a contact.  So I wrote another e-mail (one I hope will be answered) about what skills I could enhance to be competitive for future openings.  Who better to tell me that than the person who has to go through all those applications.  (I may be okay with it but I am still sticking to that 10,000 number.)

Then something amazing happened, it occurred to me that while I am looking for a part-time job to supplement my income, I can really find out what are the types of jobs and key skills that are necessary for the next job search I make.  The big one.  After my detail to the best job a person could ever have is over.  That little paradigm shift made me actually look forward to applying for jobs and interviewing people who are posting jobs like those I want to be ready for in a few years.

All that because I stepped outside of my comfort zone last night, applied for something I have been thinking about applying for for a couple of years now, and received a very polite and prompt rejection e-mail.

What paradigm shifts have you had that turned something you originally feared and often avoided action because of that fear into something you looked forward to?