Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flashing Back to the First Day of School

I am taking a class tomorrow - not teaching - taking!  And I am like a kid getting my backpack ready for the first day of school.  Notebook, check...favorite pen, check...lunch so I don't have to leave, coke and red bull to keep me focused, check...

The beauty of lifelong learning is you always have that thrill of learning something new, stretching your wings, stepping outside of your comfort zone.  You've seen that medicine commercial...a body at rest will stay at rest.  I believe the mind is the same way.  (I know, there are lots of neuroscience books out there that say the same thing and give scientific data and proof.  But do you really need it?  Don't you know that feeling when you learn something new?  It has to be good for you!)

So as I look forward to my day tomorrow, I encourage you to look at your schedule this week.  I am pretty sure you have a pile of articles and books (either actual or virtual) just waiting for your attention.  Can you carve out one hour this week to learn something completely new?

Tell us what you learned!