Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do You Have a Best Friend at Work?

Every year where I work there is a survey of employees to see how satisfied we are.  (It doesn't matter really where I work because most large organizations do this type of annual survey.)  One year they added a question, "Do you have a best friend at work?"  Honestly, I have always refused to answer this question because it is so poorly written.  Literally, your "best" friend is the one you like the best.  Of all your friends.  Do they want to know "Does your best friend work with you?" or, as I suspect, "Do you enjoy coming to work because you like the people with whom you work?"  Yes, I know there is research out there to support that people who have friends at work are more likely to stay there, but it doesn't have to be your best friend does it?

That aside, I want to dedicate tonight's post to the people with whom I work (none of whom are my best friend).  The reason people are more likely to stay in a job with people they like is flat out, when things get crazy, you want people around you that you respect and like.

Take today for example.  I don't know if there is a full moon or if the fact that the circus is literally in town is the cause, but today was one for the record books.  My little office of co-workers and I all had insane experiences with people from outside our office and I credit the fact that I work with intelligent and confident people who above all believe in operating with integrity and when all else fails can laugh for the reason I can sit here and type this e-mail.  We all took one or more for the team today and my co-worker in particular had an experience that would leave weaker men and women (such as myself) running for cover.

In the midst of all of this craziness, I heard the aforementioned co-worker laugh with such sheer joy that it made me laugh.  Not a ha ha, but a can't stop giggling at the sheer insanity.  For the first time in more than two years of working with her.  After more than one of us tried to tell her funny stories earlier in the week and found out that we weren't funny.  All of which really made her laughter even funnier.  And made all the other craziness a little less important.

So, no, I do not work with my best friend.  But I do deeply admire, respect, and enjoy working with my co-workers.  And I agree that goes a long way.

What is the funniest thing that has happened at your office - spill!  Better yet, give a shout out to someone you work with who makes your job enjoyable in the comment section.