Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Courage to Pursue Your Life Purpose

I am in training this week instead of teaching and it is always such a renewal for me.  Today we spent a lot of time talking about our life purpose.  For me, I am getting grounded in what I want to do (more to come over the next few months) and as I do I am building my courage to pursue it.

Over the last year, I have found an inner strength I didn't know I had.  I have also prioritized my values and become really clear about what I want.  My dreams today are not really that much different than they were four years ago when I first started considering my purpose.  But I am a completely different person today.  I have more education, experience, and belief in my capabilities.  I now know that I can dedicate my energy to my life purpose and I will be successful.

What is your life purpose?

Are you pursuing it?  Tell us how that feels!

Are you considering a move to bring your life and your purpose into alignment?  What is holding you back?

What one thing could you do today to bring you closer to that goal?  Will you step out of your comfort zone and do it?  Share your experience with us!