Saturday, February 16, 2013

How Do You Renew?

I spent this week in three days of intense coach training, sounds stressful, right?  On the contrary, I feel renewed.  Like most of you, I go and go and go and rarely have time to renew myself.  I know the importance of renewal - you can't give 100% to others if you aren't giving 100% to yourself, but sometimes finding the time is next to impossible.

I thought of some of the other things that renew me and realized they are generally peppered throughout the week.  Things like:

  • Walking my son to daycare in the morning and home in the evening.
  • Spending time with my son at Barnes and Noble.
  • Reading for pleasure.
  • Taking a shower or bath for leisure (not just a quick get ready for work one).
  • Getting my tea from Starbuck's before work.
  • Sitting in the small office I made for myself (whether I am doing something "productive" or not.
Throughout the next week I am going to really focus on renewal when I am doing these simple, ordinary things.  Want to join me?

How will you renew?