Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mental Recharge

Is there anything better for a mental recharge than physical activity?  I hit the jackpot today.  The Friendship Firehouse in Alexandria, Virginia was having an open house.  That means a whole street blocked off and lined with big, red fire trucks and pint-size firefighters.  I don't have a car and it is five miles away so I took a cab there and started the morning with my little pint-size guy.  We explored the reflective surfaces of the hubcaps, the hidey-holes that store supplies, the thick fire hoses that put out fires, and someone even checked out the underside of an ambulance!  After an exciting morning with friends from his class, we were ready to head home.  And that is where my fun began.  A five-mile meandering walk with a quick stop for lunch about half-way while the little guy was napping.  It was a beautiful day.  And as I walked the stress from the week started to melt away.  Not all of it yet, I am guessing that will be a walk tomorrow.  But quite a lot.  We both got a lot of fresh air, loads of Vitamin D, and our legs stretched.  He's sound asleep and I know I will sleep better.

I walk a lot during the week but it is usually get here, get there, and pretty much always running late.  Today's walk was relaxing and oddly energizing.  I remember fondly the year that I did that type of walk pretty much every night.  While I know those days are gone, I am sincerely looking forward to Fall and a little bit cooler weather that will hopefully allow for a few fun exploration walks during the week and longer outside time on the weekends.  And seriously, what a way to recharge, spending time with the most important little guy in my life and showing him the joy of physical activity and taking time to smell the roses (or undercarriage of the ambulance as the case may be).

What activities recharge you physically and mentally?  Do they have to be alone or do you like to recharge in group activities like family bike rides or a running club?  When was the last time you treated yourself to a recharge day?  Look at your schedule now and plan 30 minutes of recharge during the week and a whole-day activity in the next two weeks.  Your health and mental acuity are counting on you to do it!