Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest Blogger - BV - on Leadership from a Teenager's Perspective

The teen years are the years you prepare for the rest of your life. You start driving, and get a part-time job. As a teen, it is important to have fun because you will never have so much un-preoccupied time again. But it is also important to learn and develop skills you will need for life. 

One skill is leading. At some point, you going to have to be a leader, whether it be for a study group, a sales project, or a sports team. 

Leadership is a very important trait to have. Take every other great character trait you know and put it together. Confidence, responsibility, kindness, fairness, empathy, courage, respectfulness, it is all needed to create a good leader. 

As a good leader, you also have to know how to deal with mistakes. Everyone is human, and you have to learn to improvise when things get tough. You just have to strive to be your best, in spite of the hurdles. And to me, that’s what leadership really is.

Editor's Note: BV is a teenager so personal information is protected.