Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Simple Act

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  Theodore Roosevelt

How often do we say, "if only I had the authority/power/time/money to change things?"  I am as guilty of this as anyone, I know what I "would" do if given a chance.

But every day is a chance to shine.  We aren't all Ryan Seacrest, Bill Gates, or Peyton Manning.  And not to discount the contributions of those people.  But each one of us creates a ripple around us every day by our actions and behavior to others.  If you can't form a foundation, that doesn't mean you can't help those who have less than you.

Think of the people who have had the most impact on your life?  Would I know their names or are they that special teacher that didn't give up on you, your parents, or a dear friend?  If those who impact your life in the biggest ways have unknown names, why can't you make an impact with what you have where you are?

We typically place more limitations on ourselves than others do.  What would happen if one day, you stepped outside of your comfort zone and learned something new, helped someone you didn't know, or championed a project that made a small change for your community?

This week we saw the bad side of what two people can do to a country?  Imagine if all of their time and effort over the past ten years had been spent making the world a better place for everyone?  They might have cured cancer, invented the next "it" technology, or built a park that would be a safe place for children to play for years.

What will your legacy be?  That you were waiting for the right time and circumstances to contribute or that you looked for an opportunity to make your home, work, community, or the world a better place each day?

What you CAN do today, with what you already HAVE and where you already ARE.  Will you do it?  Will you ask two friends to do the same and ask them to share the challenge with two friends as well?  Share one simple act in the comments below and see how much we can accomplish together.