Monday, April 8, 2013

Care and Feeding

Did you know that toddlers eat? A lot? All o the seasoned parents out there are laughing at my discovery and remembering the time that you learned that particular lesson. You could have all told me a week ago to be prepared for this and I would have laughed and said I've got it covered, after all, I handled infant growth spurts! But I didn't really get it until I spent sixty hours straight with him eating, sleeping in three hour chunks, and playing at full capacity in a continuous circle. So this morning I ran it by the expert at his daycare and she laughed and assured me that toddlers are bottomless pits. So absent proper sleep, I was able I go into work assured that I was doing the right things.

Leadership lessons are a lot like that. You can read about different situations but until you actually experience them, you don't really get it. Sometimes it takes immersing yourself in the situation to really understand what is happening. And then nothing beats discussing it with a trusted mentor.

What lessons have you learned this way?