Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We All Need Someone to Talk To

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and afterwards (whether it was fun and easy or painful and hard) just felt so much better?  I think that we all need someone to talk to.  Things are easier to face when you say them out loud, when you talk to someone who feels the same way or has experienced the same thing, when you have the chance to explore options and ideas with another person.  I had two experiences today that were very similar in that feeling but I experienced them both in two very different ways.  I think either way, the value of the conversation in the big scheme of things was more than I could have imagined on my part, and I hope similar on the other people's parts. 

Do you have one person you share everything with or do you have different go-to people for different areas of your life?  Do you share easily or do you struggle to share and then wonder if you will live to regret sharing?   Does it get easier to open up to new people or harder?